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  • Competitive price corten steel flower pot
  • Product Name: Competitive price corten steel flower pot
    Port: Shenzhen China
    Supply Ability: 100000 Box/Boxes per Month
    Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal
    Type: Pots
    Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: MOCLE
    Model Number: SVG6100-1299
    Material: Plastic
    Plastic Type: ABS
    Finishing: Galvanized
    Planting techniques: Hydroponics , Infinite splicing technology
    Accessory (per unit): Basin body*1 , flowerpot*3
    Dimension: 50*20*18cm ( Package Size :60*25*25cm)
    Material Types: ABS plastic
    Color: white
    Function: corten steel flower pot
    Input: 5V 1A
    Fertilizer: Liquid fertilizer (option)
    Purpose: Grow vegetable flower lettuce cucumber tomato
    Free warranty: 1 year
    Type: Floor Boughpot, Flower Kettle/Sprinkler, Flower Tub, Pergola, Propagator Kits, Small Fence, Vase, Flower Basket, PLANTER
    Packaging Details: Carton packaging 50*20*18cm ( Package Size :60*25*25cm) 2kg ( Gross weight :2.5kg)

    white ceramic flower pots

    We produce Smart vegetable garden and Smart garden, they are unique products,we can provide OEM service.

    Smart vegetable garden let planting vegetable and fruit become a very easy thing. Sowing the seeds, do not need too much care. Plants will grow automatically. Do not require daily watering, it will automatically irrigated. When it is lack of water, it will automatically remind you.

    Hydroponics , Infinite splicing technology , No dirt, Very healthy , Unique products

    Grow what you want!

    You can

    - Start to sow the seeds

    - Only need to add water and fertilizer

    - Vegetable and fruit automatic growth

    - Pick the vegetables and fruit

    white ceramic flower pots

    (MOCLE) Smart vegetable garden 6100

    Product Configuration (Smart vegetable garden 6100)

    Planting techniques

    Hydroponics , Infinite splicing technology

    Accessory (per unit)

    Basin body*1 , flowerpot*3


    50*20*18cm ( Package Size :60*25*25cm)



    Net weight

    2kg ( Gross weight :2.5kg)

    Material Types



    5V 1A

    Hydroponic planting medium

    3pcs (option)


    Liquid fertilizer (option)

    Water capacity



    Water position control system, adding-water indicator

    The best planting equipment of vegetables

    It is the perfect combination of the intelligent control technology and planting techniques.

    You only sow the seeds into smart vegetable garden, do not need too much care. Vegetable and fruit will grow automatically. Does not require daily watering, it will automatically irrigated. When it is lack of water, it will automatically remind you

    Suitable for growing vegetables and fruits.

    Vegetables: lettuce, cabbage, spinach, chrysanthemum, Chinese cabbage, celery, spinach, shepherd;s purseGrass, vegetables, garlic, leek, the collapse of chicory, arugula, radish dishes

    Fruit: tomato, cucumber, tomatoes, beans, eggplant, pumpkin, gourd, cowpea Beans, lentils, carrots, peppers, cherry, okra Sauteed Green Beans

    Herb: Basil, mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, Rolle, lavender

    Flowers:Gypsophila paniculata, Madagascar Periwinkle Herb, Impatiens, Begonia, Garland chrysanthemum ,Lavender,Chrysanthemum, Dianthus, Mary Flower, Seven Mile yellow, Hornsey ball, Campanula flowers, Hanabishi grass, Verbena, Snapdragons, Medals chrysanthemum, Petunia, Half-sticks lotus, violet, Blue in February, White clover, Dandelion, Thyme.

    Transplanting plants: Hi water plant (strawberry , chamaedorea elegans, Zamioculcas, Scindapsus aureus.)

    Bulbous plants:Daffodils, Gladiolus, Big flower canna, Dahlia, Amaryllis, Lilies, Agapanthus, Gloxinia, Tuberose, Hyacinth, Tulips, Cyclamen, Buttercup Flowers, Amaryllis, Jinhua, Zephyranthes, Leeks lotus, Saffron, Crinum, Calla lily and so on.

    Smart vegetable garden can let your work with more fun and lifestyle products!

    You can grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits on the balcony.

    City residents are joining the increasing number of people who are growing vegetables on their balcony to cut spending and enjoy pollution-free vegetables.

    Correct install Smart garden 1, Does the lamp arm firmly plugged into the inside base? 2, Does the growth light inserted in correct place? 3, Does the growth light power cord is plugged into the lampshade? 4, Does flowerpot sink set on the base? 5, Does the water tank add water to achieve "water point" position? 6, Does the lampshade in the lowest position?


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